Two days with nothing whatever marked on my diary! I love the first weekday after lectures end — the very abrupt relaxation of the schedule, before people catch on to the notion that there’s suddenly more time in which to schedule late committee meetings, before the exams come in for marking, before final course planning for the next semester gets urgently inevitable. Even with the two cm of snow overnight turning into slippery mush this morning, it’s a beautiful and refreshing day. I could get used to this, had I an opportunity.
I’m turning away from putting anything even vaguely substantive on Facebook now; I’ll watch it to keep an eye on others’ posts, and I’ll leave birthday greetings and so on, but the problematic aspects of Facebook — its non-searchability, its claims relative to material published there, its commercialisation of our social networks — leave an increasingly unpleasant, metallic taste in my mouth (as though I held a used twopenny coin on my tongue). Thais means getting back into the habit of using my own blog, hosted here, with my own comments, hosted here, over which I control all the relevant rights (which are Creative Commons non-commerical-by attribution-no derivative works, in case you’re curious) (and I’ll happily enough allow derivative works in almost every case, but just want to be aware of what’s going on).
Now, back to work. I’ll post yesterday’s sermon sometime, and maybe my SBL talk on meaning and Relevance Theory, and comment on version 11 of iTunes, and maybe even get back into the habit of blogging in general — but from now on, when I’m tempted to say something, it’ll be here rather than on FB.

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  1. Excellent. I have avoided FB for anything substantive from the start, for many of the reasons you’ve given… interestingly, even the teens in my household are less inclined toward FB, for none of the reasons you’ve given. 🙂
    If I may be so bold, I’m very much looking forward to your SBL presentation…

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