An End

QuadrigaToday was the end of my second term at St Stephen’s House, Hilary Term. Many of the ordinands have left for home; some will be staying around Oxford, studying for the exams that come up during Trinity Term. I’ll be resting and catching up, and maybe even doing some reading and writing. I have an article in mind about John 4; another article about ho Dikaios in early christology; and maybe an essay or something about the role of technical biblical criticism in catholic Anglicanism. I’d like to make a video out of my “Sensual Hermeneutics” presentation. And then there are the essays that follow on from “Code Talking” (one on the problems that come from thinking of X, Y, or Z as “symbolic” or “literal”; one on how we can get along without relying on the idea of subsistent meaning; one on the how textual interpretation and ethics converge).

Of course, I have some marking to mop up, a thesis to examine, a book review or two to write. I have some projects in mind relative to my getting better acquainted with the Common Worship (the Church of England’s authoritative liturgical compendium) and how it’s used here. Some thoughts about spirituality. And a Holy Lent to keep.

Margaret’s safely in Chicago with Si and Laura. The house painter has nearly finished the half of the house he started on week before last, and is about to shift to the half of the house in which I’ve been living. I suspect that my weekend will involve moving things around to make the last three rooms accessible for painting.

But my highest priority is to shed some of the manic term-time stress. Not a vacation, not a holiday, but a saner pace.

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