Rest of Day

I resolved to take today easy, even though Mark the housepainter was arriving at 8:00. I slept till 6:30 or so (my usual, I rarely sleep past 6:30 or 7:00), went for a morning cup of coffee, worked on the thesis I’m reading, wrote notes to my Mom and Margaret, then headed back to the house. Took the bike out for a short spin, watched some TV, made soup, did the washing-up. cleaned some pens, ordered some ink online, made a pizza, watched a film. Tomorrow, I will say mass at the House Chapel, then I need to move some goods around from room to room, so that Mark can paint the remaining rooms. Not a thrill-packed weekend, but the pace and the lack of stress will be delicious. Maybe I’ll blog something substantial tomorrow.

Oh, and I’m disappointed about Duke’s basketball team losing yesterday — but if we have to lose to an underdog, I’m pleased it’s Mercer.

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