From Oxford

And here’s the news on the home front —

First, Margaret is safely across the Atlantic on her epic migratory pass through the Northeast, the North Side (of Chicago), and North Carolina. She indicates that she’s begun work on a scholarly treatment of the Christian ethics of reclining seats on airliners. Me? I’m catching up on Taggart.

Next, the housepainter arrived this morning. Our house is due for repainting, and it was deemed the best idea for the painting to take place while Margaret is out. Today was spackling day. Paint starts tomorrow. There is a communications gap between the housepainter and me; he may suspect that I’m prying or something, but he keeps reticent about his plans. I think he’s starting on the guest bedroom and the second floor room, but I won’t be sure till he starts painting.

Spring has left again, presumably for only a short spell away.

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