Clement to Theodore / the Secret Gospel of Mark

Herewith you may find, read, download, remix into a hit record, or mostly what-you-will copy of the Greek text and parallel English translation of MS Smith 65, the letter of Clement to Theodore which includes several short passages from what the letter identifies as a ‘mystical’ version of Mark’s Gospel.

This link leads to a single-page A5 layout PDF of the booklet. It’s not the ideal format for reading this text on a screen, since the Greek-and-English alternating pages mean a degree of skipping around, but some people may have a use for it.

This link leads to a side-by-side A4 layout PDF, which pairs the Greek and English pages. It’s easier to compare the Greek and English, which was part of the point of my making it this way in the first place, and it should scroll nicely along a large computer screen.

I’ll try, someday, to post Kindle and epub versions of it. Not right now.

Clement to Theodore / the Secret Gospel of Mark

Once upon a time, back in the days of the Mac Plus and dot-matrix printers, when I was writing my doctoral thesis on an entirely different topic, it occurred to me that I might someday want to have a digital copy of the Greek text of the [alleged] Secret Gospel of Mark. I used the pre-Unicode Greek typeface I had clumsily designed, and copied out Morton Smith’s transcription of the relevant texts — first just the supposed ‘Secret Gospel of Mark,’ then eventually the entire fragment, in a file format I can no longer open. I lost, found, puzzled over opening the file, gave up, and started over at having a searchable copy of the Greek and of the English versions of the fragment. Now, with better tools at hand, I want to share the basic text in question, so that others can freely consult and reason about it.

I’ve run this version past some good and careful readers, but I don’t assume we’ve caught all the possible mistakes. After a while, if you let me know of typos or errors that I want to fix, I’ll post a corrected edition.

1 thought on “Clement to Theodore / the Secret Gospel of Mark

  1. You could check it against the text I have on this site:
    It should be an exact rendering of the text from the colour photos of the letter. The text is originally from Scott Brown but I have checked it against the text in Smith’s book, against Tselikas’ transcription and against the scans of the colour photos. I have also run a comparison check in Word between the transcriptions and had the uncertain letter examined also by others (Brown and Paananen).

    Kindly, Roger Viklund

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