A Run of Sadness

Friday morning I received the painful news that a dearly-loved former student of mine, the Revd Dr David Efird of York University, had suffered a massive heart attack while exercising at his gym, and had died right away. David was only forty-five years old, an outstanding philosopher, and priest, and leader in his university. More than all, he was a wondrously gracious man; I don’t recall ever witnessing an unlovely expression from him. He and his partner and all who have known and loved him will be in my prayers at Mass this morning.

This news cast a pall over my weekend, and I couldn’t help thinking about David as I was running this morning. The run was uneventful — 10°, light rain, moderate breeze mile, time was 10:56. I was as wheezy as ever, but no other specific physical problems.

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