One More Time

I ran this morning, too. That’s two days in a row. Don’t worry — I’m not turning into that guy (I don’t think); I just felt vexed about having fallen from my 10:30-ish plateau to this 11:00-ish plateau, and exasperated at not improving my breathing. Really, after three or four years of regular running I had hoped for some improvement in the wheezing and gasping. Plus, I suppose, some intimations of mortality from my continuing sadness at David’s death. Oh, and when I run, I blog, and I’m trying to live up to David W’s and Bix’s (remember when he was ‘one’ and ‘true’?) admonition to just blog it.

Anyway, I woke up early and ran my mile, then walked to the bus stop to welcome Margaret back from the US, shared a breakfast at Rick’s with her, then back to St Stephen’s House to begin Hilary Term. My teaching load is high again this term, as when I have study leave (as I am scheduled to do in Trinity), I have to do all my teaching for the year in two terms; we don’t hire in substitutes. So I’m counting down the weeks before the end of term — four days to go this week, then nine weeks till leave…

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