COVID [World] 19

Rainy morning, so the decent temperature of 11° soaked into a chillier feeling. Warm-ups just barely limbered up my limbs, and ‘getting out of the drizzle’ didn’t provide enough motivation to speed me home. Still, the mile came in at 10:07, so that’s okay.

The news this morning is abuzz with Boris Johnson’s hospitalisation. I pray that he recovers soon, but also that this experience heightens his sense of responsible leadership in this crisis, not his sense of personal invincibility. In a related development, I cut up an old t-shirt into a face mask which I will use when going out for groceries, or if I take a walk with my sweetheart.

I finished a first draft of my Easter sermon, which is a huge relief. There’ll be time to run through it and edit for folly and imprecision. I also received the delivery of a pen storage/transport case, which means I’ll have to spend hours deliberating over exactly which fountain pens go in which case, then moving them about, and then changing my mind and doing the whole shebang over again — perhaps two or three times!

The afternoon I worked on more of my photos from the trip to Milan, and typed up my post/review on the Tribit XSound Go that I posted this afternoon. Then I drifted idly on the internet (though I did not miss noticing the frequent assertion that isolating at home during COVID World in itself makes concentration and productivity more difficult).

Rice, beans and broccoli for dinner, Spooks on iPlayer, and as a testimony to my determination and lack of fine motor skills, I sewed the handkerchief mask I mentioned above. So ends another day of isolation.

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