COVID World, Day Twenty

You wouldn’t have guessed by the way the day turned out, but this morning started at a nippy 3°, making the air less breathable (well, equally breathable, I suppose, but less agreeable to the lung) than I’d anticipated. My legs felt heavy, but I just forged ahead and come home in 10:04.

After breakfast (fruit breakfast, for an ascetical day) I spent most of the morning first editing and re-editing Sunday’s sermon, then locating all the equipment it might take to record it, then rehearsing it three or four times, then trying to get two good takes. We will see how it turns out, but I’m knackered with a capital Knack.

After lunch, I frittered away the afternoon while Margaret took a long walk and hunkered down to work on a newspaper column with David Clough. Dinner from Majliss, and more Spooks.

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