COVID World, Day Twenty-Seven

Another optional day, another run. I don’t like running, but it’s become routine, and that alone carries me through. One of these days I’ll begin taking a longer path, but I haven’t quite figured how to proceed — directly to a 1.4 mile course, or by steps via a 1.2 mile course. Anyway, today we a cold 3°. The time for today (9:45) is irregular, since I stopped a couple of times to take photos and restarted.

Morning Rose

For the rest of the morning I worked on my Newman reading, with some time set aside for refining my book proposal.

House Crow (Corvus splendens)

My afternoon went by in the same way: Newman and proposal. Margaret made her personal recipe gluten-free crepes and veg with cheese (usually with cashew milk sauce for a pure vegan meal, but we’re out of cashew at the moment). Spooks.

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