COVID World, Day Twenty-Six

I had given myself permission to skip a day’s run on Easter Day, but I decided to go ahead, that I might as well just run; afterall, I was anticipating a big Easter breakfast. I considered very briefly the option of not running this morning as well, but again decided to run even though today was a fruit breakfast day. The weather was noticeably cooler (6°) and grey, blustery, and one could feel impending rain in the air. 10:00.

Most of the rest of the day was uneventful: reading Newman, internet browsing, talking with Margaret. We’re both in fine health as our soft quarantine approaches a month’s duration. I spent some concentrated effort revising the book proposal for my monograph; this is a hard part of the process, since it’s not visibly advancing page count or word count, but it’s a vital precondition for actually selling the thing (and for me to have a more orderly view of the project as a whole). My editor approved the revisions, with a helpful suggestion for a next step.

Pizza for dinner, and Spooks.

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