Life As We’d Better Get Used To It, Day 43

The weather was a bit nippy, but clear and not too pollenated (at least, I wasn’t bothered by it), limber and comfortable for a brisk 9:32 mile. Fruit breakfast and a slow start to business — some email to catch up on, and I had a couple of Zoom meetings scheduled during the day. Sadly, I was missed out on the mailing for the first, and I myself allowed the time of the second to slip past me (‘5:00 in the afternoon’ spoke to me of the daily COVID briefing, not ‘Thursday prayers with the Sodality of Mary’). I did some reading, and some proofreading, but on the whole the day drifted away from me in a frustrating haze of mild but persistent anxiety. At length, I made veggie soft tacos for Margaret, and we drew nearer the finish line of our re-watching of Spooks.

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