COVID World, Day Forty-Four

The Home Office says that the pollen count today is ‘medium’, though I sensed that my breathing was rougher than it had become over the months, especially the last few weeks of daily running. The temperature was 8°, and the morning was handsome, but my legs were a bit heavy and (as I say) I didn’t feel as well oxygenated as on my besst days. Naetheless, my mile came in at 9:48, which is okay.

The rest of the day was pretty productive. I did some reading, and hammered out an outline for the beginning of my monograph. That is, I thought it was the beginning, but having given it an afternoon of thought, I suspect it needs a previous chapter that warms up the reader for the direction I’m heading, the presuppositions I’m challenging, and the perspective on the whole topic that I’m proposing. Anyway, it was very satisfying.

Pizza and Spooks. Oh, Lucas….

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