Back to COVID World, Day Seventy-Six

I think it’s seventy-six. Some zombie files rose from their fitful slumbers to knock the blog offline for a week. Apart from the obvious immolation of the United States and the less obvious risks of the [UK] government’s plan to relax lockdown restrictions even as the death toll keeps rising, not much happened in James Street. I ran miles to the times of 9:14, 9:09,9:08, 9:34, and this morning’s 9:41 (I was obliged to cut short yesterday’s run, for biological reasons). Fruit breakfast, Morning Office, and on to work.

I devoted most of yesterday morning to cobbling together the Plague Cross booklet. I posted the files around midday, then did some work on Legends, some reading, some website maintenance and seeking in file archives for my designs for altar cards, and hey presto! it was time for evening devotions, dinner, and evening entertainment.

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