COVID Seventy-Seven

Back to my usual schedule: up early for my run (14°, high pollen, heavy unwilling legs, time of 9:22), quick shower and then for the first time in eleven weeks, I set off for Tesco! We had been going to Sainsbury’s because it was nearer, smaller, and open earlier, but it develops that Tesco has begun opening at 6:00 and they offer some items that Sainsbury’s doesn’t. So Margaret asked that I go to Tesco this morning, and I was able there to obtain gluten-free pizza crusts, decaf ground coffee, Chili Rice Crackers, and the usual staples. Then hot breakfast, a bit of Legends to warm up, and reading and so on. After lunch, I returned to Legends (I’d like to finish off Volume One and turn back to historic Anglican documents for teaching purposes) for the afternoon. I had some emails to work through, and in the evening we enjoyed a hearty dinner of veg and pesto, and watch the last episodes of Killing Eve, which we thought a disappointment — as though the writers just didn’t have any plausible idea of where to take the drama (the Villanelle-in-Russia episode serves as a warning signal, contributing hardly anything to the plot and little to Villanelle’s character except to make her even more confused and confusing). ‘A series of bizarre vignettes’ is not the same as a plot. If the BBC will perpetuate the show for another series, the writers have a very serious job of work to get it back onto the rails, much less running forward at speed.

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