COVID Eighty-Four

The conditions for running were fine this morning, apart from high humidity and pollen: about 11°, calm, cool enough to keep you from overheating, warm enough that my extremities weren’t getting numb. I suspected that my adductors would welcome another day of diminished expectations, though, so I took a very slow, steady pace, and probably shouldn’t have timed my mile at all, since the consequent time — 10:54 — casts a pall on the whole exercise. Still, my groin muscles gave no sign of distress, and I’ll be stronger for the next run in which I do try to pick up my pace.

We neglected the grocery list in last night’s festivities, so I skipped the early trip to the neighbourhood stores. Morning Office, hot breakfast, and back to my examining work. Instead, I used the grocery trip to Tesco as an early afternoon break. The outside world looks more as though all distancing bets were off, with a few overcautious souls (such as I) wearing masks and trying to keep metres apart. To the extent that my experience in Tesco reflects broader reception of the government’s easing of lockdown restrictions, I expect we’ll see a discouraging second wave within a month.

At the end of the day, Margaret and I indulged in a hearty dinner of leftover potato-veg casserole, and watched the first two episodes of Deadwater Fell, which we are intensely eager to finish up tomorrow evening.

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