COVID Eighty

I underdressed for what turns out to have been a chilly start for the day, around 7°. Pollen medium, high humidity, some breezes, but I pulled my time back to 9:37. Groceries at Tesco, but they don’t stock the newspapers, so I hopped out for another dash to Sainsbury’s. Morning Office, hot breakfast, and then some time spent writing a long letter to my sister and cousins about memories of my father’s political activism — that took a lot of careful thinking and remembering, and tons of emotional energy. Lunch, then time spent on Legends, and toward the end of the afternoon we had a video chat with Thomas, and Pippa messaged me to ask my memories of the late 60s, and about my father and grandfather — I was so absorbed in trying to answer her well that I entirely forgot that I’d promised MArgaret that I’d cook dinner (mea culpa, mea culpa). Margaret made mashed potatoes, veg, and pepper steak (Quorn), then we started watching the Alex Rider TV series.

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