The morning climate was fine: clear, temperate (15°), calm, but distinctly humid and continuing with very high pollen. It felt a bit as though I were running and breathing in treacle. The mile came in at 9:36, which is all right. Got back in time to shower and dash to Tesco at opening, then home for the Morning Office and hot breakfast. I spent much of the morning being distracted by one internet topic or another — or, to be more precise, being distracted by the outcry of fury and the demands for action relative to the case of my Oxford colleague, Jan Joosten. I’m measuring twice before I blog once about this, but the whole experience affects me viscerally; I have a particular abhorrence of sexual coercion, and when one multiplies that by the involvement of children I lose traction on ordered thinking and expression.

In the afternoon, I regrouped and finished the (good) book manuscript that I’m reading, and sweltered. Margaret prepared a savoury collation of veg and tofu, and we watched more of The Crown.

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