The morning temperature was 17°, and the rest was as it has been — calm, clear, very humid, and the air dense with pollen. My knees were a bit stiff, my back felt twitchy, and I thought it the better part of fitness simply to make the run, without timing it, so I simply ran my mile at a moderate pace. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and banging my head against some reading — which worked pretty well till the mid-afternoon, when I got a voice mail message relative to an order I didn’t think I had made. It took two subsequent phone calls, some web research, a confused and irritable exchange of messages with Margaret (a. the website said it weighed 10kg, and b. M inferred that it wasn’t anything exciting, which expression I received as her recognising the order information and assuring me that an order she had placed wasn’t exciting; miscommunication eventually cleared up), and some slow repeating of numbers to ascertain that this was the plain shipment of a book that I receive at unpredictable intervals, which they tried unsuccessfully to deliver to the college. It should arrive tomorrow.

Anyway, having worked through that, my painstakingly-cultivated concentration was shot. I idled for the rest of the afternoon, and then ordered dinner from Majliss and wrapped up the third series of The Crown.

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