NN One Fifteen

Lovely clear morning weather, a chilly 5° with a light breeze, high pollen (my nose was streaming awkwardly), and my legs were not as limber as sometimes, but neither were they heavy or stiff. The mile came in at 9:24. A bit of early morning typographic research on the origins and functions of the tilde, a grocery trip, the Morning Office, hot breakfast, and a final prep of Legends of the Jews Vol. 1 before I uploaded it.

That was the plan, anyway. ‘Final prep’ took longer than I’d have thought. Then I read some Difference Engine, and allotted some time to idle relaxing, and there went the day. Margaret concocted a delicious pizza, and we dipped our toes into The Mallorca Files, along essentially the same formula as Death in Paradise, which led us to speculate on which holiday location would be next to subsidise a BBC light crime drama.

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