Coronormal Day 137

What happened to days 135 and 136? Friday, Margaret and I got up at the crack of dawn — before dawn cracked, really — and made our way to Arundel, where Margaret waited to be picked up by our friend Emily and I caught a cab to St Mary’s Church, Slindon, where I preached a homily for the wedding of friends and former students (one of the very few weddings that will have taken place this summer, coming as it has between the relaxation of the lockdown and the reimposition of restrictions on weddings and receptions). That done, I skulked back to the comfortable Arundel Park Hotel, fell into a dozy afternoon nap, then feasted on a curry Margaret brought from a local restaurant.

Yesterday we made our leisurely way back to Oxford. Margaret spent most of the local part of our day with a friend, and I caught up on the many things that have been going on in our absence. Leftovers for dinner, and slept like a log once again.

This morning, having missed two days of running, I decided to take a day without a timed run, but to stretch out the length of my run. I changed up my route, ran at a very moderate pace (not trying for any speed at all), and extended the length to a bit more than a mile and a half. Morning Office, Morning Worship on Radio Four, hot breakfast, Mass at St Stephen’s House, a grocery trip, some housework (koff, koff, looking for my mislaid Kindle), various diversions, pizza for dinner, and we started re-watching 2012 to feed Margaret’s pop-apocalyptic fascination, but Nate and Laura called, so we chatted with them for a while and then turned in.

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