Coronormal Day 144

A gross of COVID days, not yet quite a half year, and governments (NZ and others nobly excepted) still faff about like blind squirrels looking for nuts.
This morning, deep grey and near-100% humid, cool, and I took the extra half-mile run untimed. I stopped for photos of flowers to send Margaret; I stretched out a bit on the last hundred metres; but mostly I took the pace very slowly, with short steps, forward on my feet, and trying to keep my breathing steady. Morning Office, hot breakfast, Morning Worship on Radio Four, Mass at St Mary Magdalen, and home for a leisurely afternoon finishing up Greyzone. Margaret made pizza for dinner, we took part in a group Zoom chat of bloggers from the dawn of the Web, and then Nate and Laura checked in for an evening video call, so we had a great day of connecting.

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