Coronormal, Day 145

Deep grey skies, light breezes, and oppressive humidity this morning, and although I didn’t feel any particular aches or wobbles, my mile came in at 9:31 and I think I couldn’t have done it in a minute faster.

Breakfast at Rick’s, good intentions to spend the day reading and writing, but much of the morning and early afternoon devoted to rendering Margaret’s university-issued Windows machine useable. Only one problem resisted my solving, and that one’s between M and her IT admins. Then I went to the city to return her MacBook to have the keyboard replaced, only to find that the Apple venue is closed on Mondays (!?). Home again, and some reading interspersed wtih distraction. WE dined on Margaret’s special veg-filled gluten-free crêpes, and started watching La Dernière Vague, which has us eager to continue tomorrow.

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