Coronormal Day 150

I determined before I even saw the weather this morning that I would take an untimed extra half-mile run, and I think I may be on the cusp of switching over to mile-and-a-half runs as a matter of course (no pun planned, though most definitely relished once noticed). I took an easy pace and ran it in about twenty minutes, I think. Morning Office, hot breakfast, grocery trip, and some research reading; I will want to keep my former colleague Brian Blount’s Cultural Interpretation as a close companion to my work on hermeneutics, so I’m going over it with a view to passages I’ll want to quote or engage with. Midafternoon, we had a meeting of the Sodality of Mary (on the Feast of the Assumption). I cooked fajitas for dinner, and we watched the recent Greta Gerwig adaptation of Little Women.

During the evening, I had occasion to read Ethan Zuckerman’s blog essay ‘To the future occupants of my office at the MIT Media Lab,’ a lovely, evocative reflection on time and hope and mission, which I in turn commend to you.

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