Coronormal Day 151

I realised this morning, as I was rolling out of bed and heading downstairs to don my trainers, that it really only makes sense for me to stick with the mile-and-a-half route going forward (unless a shorter run were necessary for some particular reason). To be fair, it’s probably closer to 1.4 miles, since part of the 1.5 is my warm-up, which I don’t time. Anyway, I made the 1.4 in 14:57, which will be the starting point for my new distance regimen.
Morning Office, hot breakfast, Morning Worship on Radio Four, and off to Assumption Day Mass at Mary Mags…

Morning Mass, St Mary Magdalen

back for lunch, did some packing in preparation for heading to London tomorrow, joined in a reception at St Stephen’s House for our new-minted Vice Principal, Fr Andreas Wenzel (SSH ’14), came home for pizza dinner and some University Challenge and 8 Out of 10 Cats Do Countdown.

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