Coronormal Day 155

A less ambitious day today: we strolled to Anstruther for breakfast and took in the wharves, then took the bus in to St Andrews. We had intended to explore the (ruined) cathedral again, but we were stymied by closure due to COVID. We had a pleasant time ducking in and out of shops nonetheless, I helped rescue a woman who’d locked herself into a staircase, dined on pizza at Zizzi, observed an apparent freelance merchant detained by the polis, returned to Anstruther (Margaret enjoyed sitting in the sun for both stops at the seaside), on to Madhavi’s house to take Gabriel for a walk to the Cellardyke Play Park (a generally cheery lad took particular ecstatic delight in swinging) while Michael concocted a special gluten-free moussaka and rhubarb crumble, and back to our rooms.

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