Coronormal Holi-stay Day Four (Day 141)

warm, humid air and wobbly knees (that resent having done so much walking in the past several days) put a damper on my pace for the morning mile; I came in at 9:45. After some consultation and deliberation, Margaret and I decided to make a spontaneous trip to Worcester (a site of historic despicable anti-Judaism instituted in the thirteenth century, with a Jewish community restored only in 1941, and then dissolved again in the 1970s) to visit and photograph the cathedral there. We caught the 10:45 train with minutes to spare, spent several hours exploring the accessible areas — sadly excluding some attractive possibilities, but thankfully including many handsome windows and memorials, and the lovely chapel ceiling.

We caught the train back to Oxford with pinpoint timing, and returned home where we dined on pizza from BBuona. The sauce was excellent, rich and tomato-y (but did not set off my allergy, thank heaven) and watched the concluding half of Air Force One Is Down, which was mercifully only a two-part feature. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a compelling series; COVID casts a long shadow.

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