Coronormal Holi-Stay Five (Day 142)

My feet have been bearing a lot for the past four days, so I thought I’d give my heels (at least) a wee break by taking a run with shorter steps, making my ankles do more work and shifting impact forward to the balls of my feet. As such, I took the longer 1.5 mile route and didn’t time myself. The run was entirely satisfactory, and I had enough energy in the tank to put on a wee push in the last hundred metres or so. Morning Office, some fruit (and a Margaret-made smoothie!), some encouraging feedback relative to my book project, and the rest of the day spent reading for research on James and miracles. We ordered dinner from the Coconut Tree, and watched several episodes of The Grey Zone, a welcome change to the recent dry spell of unsuspenseful suspense dramas. Then to bed, where we were kept awake by a midnight power cut….

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