Coronormal Day 171

Fresh run in the morning, Morning Office, and then I celebrated the Mass for the first time in months. Margaret and I went to Rick’s for breakfast (sitting outside, as we do), then returned to work at home via Sainsbury’s, where we picked up some odds and ends. A CFP prompted me to think about the novel Towing Jehovah for the first time in fifteen years or so, and when I snapped back into reality I couldn’t force myself to attention to Elijah or James. So I transcribed some pages from Legends and shook my head. I really need to have a ms for the James essay done by the end of the month. On the other hand, I finished the Jacob and Joseph series of Legends, and am rapidly finishing the Twelve Patriarchs portion, which will launch me onto Moses in Egypt.
Margaret made spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner, and we watched The Meg as part of our ‘watch every film in which Jason Statham plays himself’ film series.

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