Coronormal Day 172

Slept well, fresh morning, and I considered not going out for my morning run, but opted in the end to go for a slow run for a mile or so rather than a vigorous run for a mile and a half. Morning Office, and most of the day spent hammering away at (first) the Twelve Patriarchs section of Legends vol 2, and (second) the Job (!) section. At the end of the productive day, Margaret made pizza (or, as she notes, more properly ‘cone of veg held together, loosely, by cheese, sitting precariously on a pizza base’) and we watched , which we thought surprisingly good. Partway through the film, we enjoyed a wee chat with Thomas, Si, and Laura; Thomas has encountered the Muppets and is wildly enthusiastic about them, his vocabulary is exploding, and he’s more adept at interacting with the world. He is captivated by ‘Kumbaya’, which led Margaret and me to reflect that we are so old that when we learned ‘Kumbaya’, it wasn’t the threadbare instance of what cynical observers could deploy as a synecdoche for over-optimistic utopianism.

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