Coronormal, Day 173

Between chilly and fresh, so that with a hoodie is too warm, and without is distinctly cool, I took the longer course without timing it. I had some aches and pains at first, but these diminished as I ran. On the other hand, I was relieved to get home.
Morning Office, hot breakfast, off to Mass, requested my absentee ballot (the short-fingered vulgarian will not be re-elected if I can impede it), lunch and resumed Legends work on Job. I almost finished Job, the finish line was in sight, but I didn’t quite get there; I spent a long-ish interval looking back at web evidence for my primary and secondary school days. I’ll mop that up tomorrow and resume Elijah and James.
Margaret made stuffed peppers for dinner, and we watched the Watchmen film with a view toward watching the television series later.

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