Either None or Four

Today is the last day of my summer leave + furlough; I resume work for St Stephen’s House tomorrow; Noughth Week begins with Sunday Mass. Morning run in more chilly drizzle, Morning Office, morning Mass, hot breakfast, a debrief from the doctor who took one of the interviews I participated in several weeks ago. I went to the study to make a bit more progress on James, then home for lunch, then off to Tesco for groceries, then into town to pick up the trousers I bought ten days or so ago. Alas, for the second time, a tailor has not understood how to sew the buttons onto trousers such that one can wear them with button-on braces. What is the world coming to? Emily, the wonderful manager at Moss Bros., has sent them back to the tailor and will put a bee in his ear.
There was a tailback coming out of the city centre, so I spent a half hour on the bus, then dashed to Tesco to pick up a few groceries I’d forgotten, and made my way home at last. I edited some pages of Legends, enjoyed Margaret’s delicious broccoli, rice, and quinoa balls for dinner, and watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets before turning in for the day.

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