Back To The Coal Face

Today is my first day back on duty at St Stephen’s House after months of sabbatical leave (first) and furlough (subsequently). It’s good to be back on duty, although it’s been more than six months segregated from seminary business, so I feel a bit rusty. Add to that the special circumstances attendant upon the coronavirus, and the college world I’m [re-]entering differs significantly from the world from which I withdrew in March. Frustratingly, my enforced absence from libraries and the on-going thrum of stress from the pandemic impeded my progress on the projects I’d hoped to make headway on — impeded, but did not preclude.

Chilly morning run, Morning Office, morning Mass, work toward extruding a James essay from my resisting consciousness, quick lunch, Exam Board meeting followed by college business, and home for some Legends before dinner (Margaret’s soup). We watched the German series of Criminal after dinner, and retired for the night.

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