Digital Librarianship

I’ve spent much of the last couple of days populating a database of PDFs of and links to public domain theological sources. St Stephen’s House is looking to modulate toward more thoroughly distance-based teaching, and we can’t assume that our students will have ready access to research materials at their homes; by compiling a library of sources that we’ve vetted and to which we want to guide our students’ attention, we hope to alleviate some of the loss of access that distance (and COVID) necessitate. So far, the interface (on our closed Moodle site) is ugly, and that will tkae some work, but this brings closer to realisation one of the features of the original Disseminary vision (and presentation). That’s satisfying (even if that satisfaction arrives about twenty-plus years after I originally suggested it).

Streak ends at twenty days, unless I go for a run this afternoon. This morning, it was raining heavily in cold weather.

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