Ha! Again I Say, Ha!

I hope you didn’t tear up your betting slips on my running streak, because it’s up to twenty-one, bay-bee! The weather turned lovely yesterday afternoon, and I decided to run in the afternoon after having skipped in the morning.This was illuminating, since I don’t usually go outside apart from my early morning run (sometime between 5:00 and 6:15 AM, usually) or going to the college through our back garden (thus not seeing any of the roads that ring our block). The pavements were every bit as busy yesterday afternoon as I’d have expected on any other Saturday afternoon, despite the government exhorting us to stay at home during Lockdown Three. I’m not surprised that our COVID rate is high, if the sample I saw yesterday is in any way representative.

After I got home, and Margaret got home from her longer, more leisurely walk, we had a chance to see Thomas, the Certified* Best Grandson in the World. He’s growing and learning and talking and exploring in amazingly expansive ways. Quite apart from the changing-nappies and temper-tantrum differences, being a grandparent and seeing our grandprogeny at intervals rather than day-by-day, we can see the changes from incremental visit to visit, and it’s a great thrill. Tom is, and will be, a terrific kid.

And once again, my running streak stands intact, at twenty-two days.

* I’ve started a side hustle in certifying things. If you have a claim to certify, give me a call, we can work something out.

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