I’m looking forward to the US having a president whom I can comfortably ignore for days, if not weeks, at a time. Thank you, America!

I have been ravenously hungry in the mornings recently. In a sense, this is no surprise since breakfast is my favourite meal of the day — but I think I’ve noticed an uptick in hunger, even on my (blessed) hot breakfast mornings. I just finished a good plate of brreakfast, with a bit of apple left over from M’s breakfast, and I feel as though I could tear through another few eggs, rashers of faux bacon, and hash browns. But I won’t, cos I want to stay in fighting trim, to ward off that malevolent virus.

It was raining the proverbial domestic animals this morning at 4:30 when I woke up, so I drifted back to sleep thinking that I’d let my running streak lapse — but when I awoke an hour later, the skies were… well, not ‘clear’, but at least not chucking it down. So chalk up another day, streak stands at twenty-five.

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