Tuesday of First

So, that happened. Today was my first full-on, for-credit, enrolled-students, part-of-a-formal-module online class. I won’t try to imagine what it was like for the students, but bits of it were easy for me (the parts where I was lecturing/monologising) and parts were more complicated (the parts where I would ordinarily have been pointing to places on a map, or writing on the board). I also had less sense of the passage of time than I do in a lecture room — I shouold probably set up a clock, or timer, to manage the bits of the class better. But no catastrophic results, unless my refusal to be drawn on the question of whether the historical Paul studied with the historical Gamaliel was more consequential than I would anticipate.

Four more of that class, four sessions of Intro Bible, eight Greek classes, eight meetings with finalists to discuss the Set Texts, and innumerable tutorials to go.

Plus, twenty-four day running streak. The weather was much warmer today, about 10°, but very blustery. No matter — I did my part and ran my the race.

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