A brisk 9°, but pleasantly limber all the way, light clouds, steady pace, two miles.

Yesterday was stressful. Margaret and I had to make a decision between the conflicting interviews, so we did; but since there’s a strong chance (in any given search process) I won’t be called to the option we chose, the pathway to recrimination and doubt lies wide open. At the same time, the discernment provided the occasion for clarifying my general job-seeking status. We popped round the corner for a celebratory round (and chips), then back home because I had a late afternoon appointment.

A research colleague had asked for a formal interview relative to my work as a biblical specialist in light of my autism. I don’t like talking about autism, and I don’t like talking about myself, so this was an off-putting prospect. My colleague and her assistant, though, conducted the conversation as gracefully and lightly and patiently as one could ask, so that we ran long over the designated time. I hope the interview yields useful material for her.

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