A very good run this morning, if 10° isn’t a bit too chilly, limber legs all the way and a good steady pace. I don’t enjoy running, Dave, but I do rather like being alive, and it seems clear that I’m more likely to live longer if I keep my circulation, oxygenation, and metabolism in good nick.

We’re having a very stressful week, as several interviews have popped up all at once (trying to get thiem in before the end of the month, I suppose), two of which conflict. They’re very different opportunities, but it would have been much simpler if they’d come up one by one and we could have considered each on its merits (assuming one had chosen me); the forced choice is clarifying some general principles for me, but I very much wish I could just let them emerge, engage, and pass me by without the pain of having to decline an invitation to interview.

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