Extra, Extra

This morning I ran a bit out of my way to go past St Nicolas’s, winding up with a run of 2.2 miles. The weather was dry (unlike yesterday morning, when it started to rain on me when I was halfway home). I spent intervals of the morning and afternoon hauling book boxes up to the top floor from my study on the ground floor (the ‘flights of stairs’ line in my iPhone Health app has thrown the whole enterprise off, because I’ve taken so many more flights today than I have in the weeks before), finding and hanging pictures to get them out of Margaret’s library upstairs, working on conversational French, reading, and tending the herd of dogs.

Tonight is the annual SCR Dinner at Oriel — that’s part of the reason I spent so much time with the canines today, since I will leave them alone for dinner. Then back to my customary underdetermined timetable tomorrow…

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