Ouch Ouch Ouch

I did not run this morning. Indeed, I’m not sure I could have run. This is not due to the cold, steady rain falling during my running-time of the morning; the principal cause for my morning’s immobility lies in my right foot, the old war wound from the notorious Battle of Nassau Hill in Princeton. I wore my dress shoes last night to Oriel’s SCR Dinner, and something about the evening seems to have aggravated, if not outright re-broken, that once-broken metatarsal (or perhaps a phalange). My best guess, short of a genuine diagnosis, opts for a stress fracture down there. Whee.

Anyway, my foot is sore and swollen. Running is right out for the time being. Sadly, this may be an impediment (see what I did there? im-pedi-ment?) to further unpacking, book-toting. Indeed, carrying book boxes may have played a role in setting up my foot for the flare-up. /eyeroll

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