Just Thinking

Isn’t all change “exact change”? How would you get hold of an “approximately thirty cents” piece? And if someone handed you one, how would you make change? “Let’s see: roughly sixty-five cents minus thirty-four cents makes just about thirty-one cents. Sorry — I have a somewhere-around-seventy-nine cent piece, but all I have for small change is exact amounts.”

Brought to you by the “recently spent thirty hours driving, many of them on toll roads” department.

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4 Responses to Just Thinking

  1. Mom says:

    Couldn’t one interpret “all” as all those people who are paying with change? It is a bit unclear, I agree. Glad you are all home safe. And I enjoyed the pictures! xxx, Mom

  2. don says:

    In the early 19th century in Indiana, settlers, if they had currency, sometimes had spanish coins that were broken into bits at the general store (hence, the 8 bits to the dollar rhyme). So I suppose that the bits were approximate change.

  3. Dr. Bonzo says:

    What all those signs really mean, I think, is: “Don’t make us make change. We won’t do it.”

  4. bls says:

    All change really isn’t exact, though. If you only have 2 quarters, you do need the 15 cents back when paying for the 35-cent toll.

    If you’re really cheap, that is. I know I am.

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